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NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Vet Problem Solving Scenarios


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

The third unit discovering all about pets takes students to a virtual veterinarian's office where they must use their problem gauging and solving skills to help Dr. Orr, the neighborhood vet. As a Pet Vet Assistant, students will be trained how to gauge problems using a vet office metaphor. They will then be given a total of 20 different scenarios highlighting four different pets to gauge the severity of their sickness. After correctly gauging the severity (NO problem, SMALL problem, or HUGE problem), they will be given 3 solutions to solve the animals' problems - even if there isn't really a problem! After completing scenarios for a pet, students will collect items for their virtual medical bag (bandaids, thermometer, gloves, stethoscope, and tweezers).

What makes this interactive and user-friendly? Easily navigate through the pages in the PDF file by clicking the forward and back arrows. Select the appropriate answers to complete a page and move to the next target.

What's Included

Included in this unit:

20 scenarios for problem gauging

20 problem-solving questions with answer choices in a field of 3

BONUS GAME- Medical Bag Collection

Resource Tags

Critical ThinkingProblem SolvingMinilessonsInternet Activities

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