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What would you do? An SEL Boom Cards about Awkward and Tricky Situations

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About This Product

What Would You Do? An SEL Boom Cards about Awkward and Tricky Situations:

This unique teaching resource is designed to help upper-middle and high school students navigate unexpected challenges in day-to-day life. It's a vital tool for educators preparing their students for the myriad of complex scenarios, ethical questions, and sometimes difficult choices that come with the transition to middle or high school.

About this 15-card deck:

  • Each card presents a tricky scenario likely found in typical adolescent settings.
  • Students read each scenario then choose from two options on how best to resolve it.
  • The cards foster not only problem-solving skills but also spark meaningful class discussions on ethics and decision making.
Digital Learning & Technology Integration:

The use of modern technology in this product enhances learning while developing tech-savviness. Accessible via up-to-date browsers such as Chrome, Safari Firefox etc., on iPad, iPhone Android devices or Kindle Fires apps - provided an internet connection is present.

A Premium Feature: Fast Pins

Students can get instant grading feedback when using 'Fast Pins' feature while teachers receive progress data if opting for a premium account service.

Potential Implementations:
  1. Counseling session activities
  2. In-classroom group discussion driver
  3. A part of online learning initiatives
  4. Casual assignments for self-work at home

In conclusion,'What Would You Do?' offers versatile means of targeted implementation towards psychological well-being & thoughtful decision-making instruction at middle & higher education levels–a rare mix amongst educational resources.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in the image.

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