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About This Product

Almost all of my middle school and high school students that have deficits in social communication skills--specifically, facial expressions and emotions--also show deficits in CHATBOX ETIQUETTE in their use of emojis and "on topic" responses. Students who struggle with interpreting the feelings of others, also struggle with identifying emotions depicted in emojis. Go figure! Often, they misinterpret the cues given on the emoji faces, leading to 1) misinterpretations of intended messages and 2) "off-topic" emoji responses, with subsequent confusion for the conversational partner.

This is a HUGE highly interactive and user-friendly digital resource that...

Breaks down 31 emojis by facial cues that are given (i.e., teardrop on "sad" emoji vs. sweat drop on "afraid" emoji)...

Tests knowledge of those emojis individually by given emotion...

Tests application of those emojis in simple captions...

Adds in context for conversational practice in 60 mock tests.

The MOCK TEXTS are great for making social inferences as well because they use the art of subtlety and sarcasm. Your students should be prepared to encounter "sensitive topics" in this activity such as dating and the use of bad language (mock text in question uses the word "heck").

What makes this resource interactive and user-friendly?

Use the navigational arrows and "home" button to move back and forth between sections with ease. Make selections by clicking directly on the caption, emoji, or given boxed choices.

Please ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

What's Included

What's included in this resource? CHECK OUT the VIDEO PREVIEW for a sneak peek:

Emoji Descriptions: 31 Emojis with highlighted facial cues

Emoji Identification: ID the 31 emojis by given emotion

Emoji Captions: ID the 31 emojis by a given caption

Emoji Interpretation: Determine if the emoji used in 30 MOCK TEXT CONVOS is a "fit" or "bad fit"

Emoji Responses: Choose an emoji from a field of 6 to respond in 30 MOCK TEXT CONVOS

From my middle schoolers:

"Can we do emojis again?"

"I really like this activity!"

"YOU made this, Mrs. Hancock?! This is so cool!"

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