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NO PRINT How to Emoji Conversation Skills

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10





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About This Product

NO PRINT How To Emoji Conversation Skills

An interactive teaching tool apt for middle to high school students focused on improving social communication skills and achieving mastery over chatbox etiquette and emojis.

Emoji Interpretation

Digs into the intricacies of 31 different emojis, explaining the nuances in their expressions and emotions. Emphasis is placed on distinguishing between similar-looking emojis that convey different messages, such as a teardrop and a sweat drop.

Tests & Quizzes

  • Practical tests associated with every emoji-marker for better understanding
  • Inclusion of quizzes to assess students' ability to identify varying emojis within simple captions.

Practice Scenarios

The product includes an engaging component of 60 mock text scenarios perfect for harnessing conversational skills while handling subtleties such as sarcasm in textual dialogues.

User Interaction

Beyond reading messages, learners also cultivate response crafting by choosing suitable reactions from a set list of six emojis per conversation round.

User-friendly Interface

Maintains easy navigation with functional arrows allowing seamless transitions between sections alongside offering versions in interactive PDFs and BOOM CARDS™.

Note: Suited under Special Resources category specifically catering to the Speech Therapy section suitable from Grade 6 through Grade 10 making it indispensable not only for public teachers but homeschooling parents too!
Last line: Experience meaningful education meeting advanced technology with NO PRINT How To Emoji Conversation Skills – innovation tailored directly towards today's digital generation.

What's Included

What's included in this resource? CHECK OUT the VIDEO PREVIEW for a sneak peek:

Emoji Descriptions: 31 Emojis with highlighted facial cues

Emoji Identification: ID the 31 emojis by given emotion

Emoji Captions: ID the 31 emojis by a given caption

Emoji Interpretation: Determine if the emoji used in 30 MOCK TEXT CONVOS is a "fit" or "bad fit"

Emoji Responses: Choose an emoji from a field of 6 to respond in 30 MOCK TEXT CONVOS

From my middle schoolers:

"Can we do emojis again?"

"I really like this activity!"

"YOU made this, Mrs. Hancock?! This is so cool!"

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