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NO PRINT Back to School Articulation - SH Edition for Distance Learning

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About This Product

NO PRINT Back to School Articulation - SH Edition for Distance Learning: A Nifty Teaching Resource

This dynamic tool is perfect for classroom teachers and homeschooling folks alike. It carries back-to-school themed vocabulary blended with focused articulation, making learning both engaging and beneficial. Though it's tuned towards the virtual classroom setup, the flexibility allows easy fitting in conventional classrooms or home schools.

Main Focus: Phoneme 'sh'

This toolkit aims specifically at the pronunciation of 'sh'. Offering three separate sets for initial, medial, and final positioning of words it ensures a comprehensive touch to speech development. Linguistic complexity too rises step by step from single words to full sentences.

The Fun Factor: "What’s in my...?" Game

  • Easily navigable interface.
  • Piqued interest via images uncovering target words.
  • Option to navigate back home anytime required.
  • Add-on game components like satchels or lunch bags fostering interaction further.

Suitable Grade Levels

The resource focuses on pre-school levels going up till grade six making it adaptable across largely varying age groups. The main subjects covered relate prominently under Special Resources including speech therapy that lands naturally with word pronunciation exercises as part of this articulation pack.

About The Format And Delivery

The complete package arrives embedded within a PDF ensuring ease of delivery without needing printouts; hence, environment-friendly too!

Do remember - this isn't just pedagogically superior but also student-centric along with getting adaptable on-the-go; Be it whole-group education at classrooms or homeschooling sessions as well as planned lessons or unanticipated speech therapy hours! This tool stands there solving distance learning challenges smoothly while preserving articulation nuances.

What's Included

Here's what is included in this fun pack:

8 stimuli for the initial position of words

8 stimuli for the medial position of words

8 stimuli for the final position of words

Resource Tags

distance learning articulation skills back-to-school vocabulary interactive learning speech therapy

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