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NO PRINT Map My Language Map Skills Children's Museum Virtual Trip

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About This Product

NO PRINT Map My Language Map Skills Children's Museum Virtual Trip

Designed with the aim of improving life skills among elementary school students, the No Print Map My Language Map Skills Children's Museum Virtual Trip is an interactive learning tool that encompasses key areas such as:

  • Attention,
  • Memory,
  • Semantic reasoning,
  • Executive function,
  • Auditory comprehension and
  • Verbal expression.

The resource spans a compact 5 pages, designed systematically for easy comprehension.

A Highly Interactive Resource

A notable feature of this educational tool is its interactivity. Thanks to tools in Adobe Reader like the Comment Tool or Platform Tools, learners can:

  1. Annotate throughout the PDF effortlessly using fillable boxes,
  2. Easily track their progress via checkable boxes, and
  3. Select photos or objects on the page to focus on with a movable circle included in the resource.
The No Print Map offers holistic enrichment targeting Grades K to 5 with engaging activities promoting skills such as:

    - Divergent thinking,
    - Decision making capabilities, - Problem-solving skills, - Deductive reasoning abilities, - Ability to prioritize tasks effectively and - Enhancing listening abilities through following directions/comprehension exercises.
Tailored for Different Teaching Scenarios

This innovative teaching platform proves effective across various settings including: whole group discussions; small group activities; individual assignments and even integration in speech therapy sessions. It also greatly enhances descriptive vocabulary synthesis noticeable across all learning scenarios, testifying its multi-tiered functionality!

What's Included

Example Activities Included in your 5 Pages:

Find Location

Time Estimation*

Time Management

Location Activities for Attention to Screen

Suggestions for Divided Attention

Inferential Thinking

Sentence Formulation

Descriptive Vocabulary

Relational Vocabulary

Convergent Naming

Deductive Reasoning

Divergent Thinking

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Verbal Sequencing


Following Directions/Comprehension

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