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NO PRINT Summer Articulation R Edition

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About This Product

No Print Summer Articulation R Edition

The No Print Summer Articulation R Edition is a vibrant, digital teaching toolkit, developed with an aim to enhance articulation skills in students. Designed for use on iPads and other smart devices, this resource pack is embedded with summer-themed vocabulary that centralizes on the /r/ phoneme. The gradual escalation of linguistic complexity across its various tasks caters to learners at multiple levels.

Core Segment

The core segment consists of 24 meticulously selected images, encompassing initial, medial and final word positions. This structure ensures your students undergo a smooth transition from familiarizing themselves with single words before moving onto phrases. Further challenging their language abilities are sentences with rotating starters or endings which provide an increased level of difficulty.

Linguistic Broadening

Broadening the spectrum of the learning process incorporates single story per word position exercises - these draw upon previously targeted words fused into image-backed narratives. A unique blend of storytelling and picture interpretation encourages articulate speech phrasing while reinforcing learned vocabularies.

Create a Sandcastle Reinforcer Game!
  • To add an engaging twist to all these educational endeavors, it includes access to a bonus activity: Create a Sandcastle Reinforcer Game!
  • This entertaining game serves as both brain-break and reinforcer - granting moments of light-hearted fun as it aids in boosting language efficacy.
Potential Uses:
  1. Ideal for homeschooling parents or public school teachers looking for innovative ways to polish their pupils' pronunciation skill sets and increase semantic fluency.
  2. It seamlessly integrates into classroom settings – be they face-to-face or virtual – group activities or independent assignments alike could greatly benefit from this resource pack.

The No Print Summer Articulation R Edition's Contribution to Speech Therapy Resources

In essence, the No Print Summer Articulation R Edition provides learners with ample opportunities aimed at mastery through consistent practice within an interactive medium that combines elements of fun in education thus making it indispensable addition to your comprehensive list of speech therapy resources.

What's Included

Here's what is included in this extensive pack:

***The 24 pictures include 8 INITIAL, 8 MEDIAL, and 8 FINAL word positions!!***

24 picture stimuli for single words

24 picture stimuli for phrases

24 picture stimuli for rotating sentences

1 story per word position using previously targeted words

BONUS Create a Sandcastle Reinforcer Game

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