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NO PRINT Summer Articulation R Edition

NO PRINT Summer Articulation R Edition
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About This Product

Dive into an exciting digital educational resource for your students with the No Print Summer Articulation (R Edition)! Designed to help improve articulation skills, this interactive and iPad-friendly activity pack utilizes vibrant summer-themed vocabulary while focusing on the /r/ phoneme. The linguistic complexity gradually increases, making it perfect for learners at different levels.

This comprehensive pack comes with 24 picture stimuli covering initial, medial, and final word positions. Watch your students progress from single words to phrases and sentences that have rotating starters or endings. Culminating in stories that include images of targeted words, this engaging resource is perfect for virtual learning or even face-to-face classrooms.

As a bonus treat, the Create a Sandcastle Reinforcer Game is included to keep your students entertained as they enhance their language skills! If you have any questions or concerns before purchasing this all-encompassing articulation packet, please don't hesitate to ask. Give your learners the opportunity to master their speech through this fun-packed summer-themed articulation tool!

What's Included

Here's what is included in this extensive pack:

***The 24 pictures include 8 INITIAL, 8 MEDIAL, and 8 FINAL word positions!!***

24 picture stimuli for single words

24 picture stimuli for phrases

24 picture stimuli for rotating sentences

1 story per word position using previously targeted words

BONUS Create a Sandcastle Reinforcer Game

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