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NO PRINT Summer Themed Idioms in Context Activities

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About This Product

NO PRINT Summer Themed Idioms in Context Activities

An engaging resource designed to streamline the teaching of figurative language using a summer theme, particularly tailored for virtual classrooms. It stands out due to its paperless and ink-saving nature, making it easily integrable within face-to-face classroom settings as well.

Idioms Pack Features

  • A total of 24 idioms, each explained with their origin, literal meaning, and figurative meaning to enhance students' understanding & recall.
  • An interactive matching game spread over 30 pages that requires students to connect idioms to their definitions - adding a playful element to the learning process.
  • A set of 24 sentence completion tasks where learners choose correct idiom placement from four options. This offers educators an excellent assessment tool on the practical application and understanding of these idioms.

This versatile pack is suitable for third through eighth-grade students. It can be used within various teaching scenarios - whole or small groups or even as individual work or homework assignments.

Cross-Subject Utility & Format Convenience

Although classified under 'Special Resources', this pack extends its influence beyond Speech Therapy sessions. It encourages critical thinking while simplifying complex language elements - making it useful across different subjects.

The NO PRINT Summer Themed Idioms in Context Activities comes as a convenient PDF file ready for immediate use without any prep time - truly an ideal asset for today's busy educators!

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

24 idioms taught by origin, literal meaning, and figurative meaning.

30 pages of matching idioms to definitions

24 pages of sentence completion tasks with idioms

Resource Tags

figurative language idioms in context interactive activities summer theme sentence completion

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