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Non-Fiction Early Reader: Autumn Leaves Unit

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

The Non-Fiction Early Reader: Autumn Leaves Unit is a comprehensive teaching resource aimed towards enhancing the reading skills of grade 1-4 students. This product consists of an integrated approach to teaching using real-world photos, thematic words, comprehension and text questions along with informative reading tips. It is a handy tool for public school teachers and homeschoolers to teach new readers how to navigate non-fiction texts.

The unique selling point about this unit is the inclusion of two different level booklets, so it becomes effortless for educators to cater to disparate needs in a classroom. For the budding author in every student, there's also a blank student booklet included! This allows children to create their own version of 'Autumn Leaves', encouraging self-expression and creativity.

Apart from serving as an effective classroom tool for direct instruction or group work, these tools can also be used for homework assignments. This encourages students’ independent exploration and makes learning continue beyond school walls!

  • Adding value even further are helpful materials such as 'Non-Fiction Text Feature Posters' which include elements of informative text like Table of Contents, Subtopics & Headings, Illustrations & Photos among others.
  • Plus parent handouts that guide them on how they can help their child read non-fiction at home!

The product also includes 'sounding out cards' themed around autumn leaves that engages children while helping them learn new words related with this season! Word strips including pictures and definitions act as valuable resources enriching your word wall while promoting an active learning environment.

  1. Acknowledging little victories acts as excellent encouragement for young readers!
  2. This tracking system helps make monitoring your students' progress multi-faceted.

If you purchase this product, you'll receive engaging text at various levels combined with valuable supplemental tools all rolled into one efficient 86-page PDF file package under Language Arts subheading - Reading category.

'The Non-Fiction Early Reader: Autumn Leaves Unit' provides educators flexibility to pick and design a unit of study best aligned with their teaching style and students' learning needs. This interactive learning product offers a kaleidoscope of resources turning, reading instruction into an enriching, captivating process throughout the autumn season.

What's Included

86-page PDF

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