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Non-Fiction Early Reader: Pumpkins Unit

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About This Product

Non-Fiction Early Reader: Pumpkins Unit

A comprehensive teaching resource ideal for both novice and experienced teachers. This tool assists children in learning to read and comprehend nonfiction text features with real-world photos.

Package Components:
  • Comprehensive Teacher Guides - Includes thematic words, comprehension tasks, and reading pointers.
  • Different Reading Levels - Designed in two unique levels to suit different learning capabilities.
  • Supplementary Material - Worksheets, posters, tracking sheets; serve as additional teaching aids.
Possible Classroom Application: The resource can be easily integrated into group reading sessions or given out as homework assignments. Teachers have the flexibility to select the format from provided versions within the set which caters to their educational requirements. Included Supplementary Resources (can be laminated):
  • Poster of Non-Fiction Text Features (comprising illustrations/photos & Graphics Glossary)
  • Index Posters
  • Teacher/Student booklets (at two difficulty levels) themed 'Pumpkins'
  • Blank half-page student booklet for crafting personal versions theme-related words sound-out cards plus corresponding word strips comprising pictures/definitions for word Wall
  • Homework associated with readings

Suitability:This package targets students at Grades 1-4 primarily focusing on Language Arts. The objective is to provide a broad based insight into pumpkin facts using real life pictures coupled with curated differentiated worksheets related all key topics contained within this 88-page PDF file tailored for varying grading levels . The aim is create an impactful impression upon young readers throughout fall season.

What's Included

88-page PDF

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