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Nonfiction captions and labels activities

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About This Product

The concept of nonfiction can be very abstract, making it difficult to teach the concept. These worksheets look at the nonfiction text features; captions and labels. Within these worksheets are two activities that are designed to help students understand the concept of captions and labels.

This download includes a printable worksheet with two activities one of the activities has two variations, a printable checklist with a checklist for individual students and for the class and finally an answer sheet with answers to the activities.

The objectives of these worksheets is to deepen the understanding of exactly what a caption is and how to label illustrations.

The first activity contains pictures that students are prompted to give a brief caption for, the second activity has two different various that the teacher can choose from,the first variation is illustrations that students need to label using a word bank and the second variation is the same illustration however allows for students to cut and paste the labels.

These activities are great for grade 1,2 and 3 and can be used as an introduction, recap, support or enrichment. Simply print the activity and hand out to students.

If you like these worksheets, have a look at the nonfiction text feature captions and labels lesson which goes alongside these PDFs and contains the online versions of the activities given as well as lesson slides that are animated with speaker notes.

Number of pages: Activities: 11, Answer sheets: 7, Checklist: 8

What's Included

-Activity: 2

-Checklist: Individual and class

-Answer sheet

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