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Nonfiction title lesson

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Grade 1, 2, 3

Ezee 101
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About This Product

Nonfiction can be a complicated concept to understand, this Nonfiction title lesson is aimed at taking a brief look at the nonfiction text features, title page by using class discussions and an activity for each feature.

The objective of this Nonfiction title lesson is to help students start creating a concrete understanding of the nonfiction text feature title through class discussions and interactive activities. Students will apply reading, creative thinking, problem solving and so much more as they work through these interactive slides.

Within this Nonfiction text lesson, there are three different powerpoints, lesson slides, student slides and answer slides. The student slides can be shared with students so that they can complete the activities during the lesson. The lesson is animated and has speaker notes and can be presented to the class, the activities are made to be completed during the lesson to gage students understanding of the concept.

If you would like the printable activities keep a lookout on Teach Simple where you will find the printable nonfiction worksheets that included the same activities that are within the lesson with slight changes.

The suitable grades for this Nonfiction title lesson is grades 1,2,3. This lesson can be used as a form of introduction to the concept, recap, enrichment or support.

There are a set of Answer slides that hold the answers to the activities within your download.

The slides in this Nonfiction title lesson are downloaded into powerpoint however can be used in google slides as well.

Lesson slides 20, student slides 8, answer slides 4

What's Included

-Lesson slides: 20

-Student slides: 8

-Answer slides: 4

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