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Nonfiction Text Features: Index Lesson

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4

Ezee 101
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About This Product

Introducing a Nonfiction Text Features: Index Lesson Engage your students with an interactive lesson that teaches them about indexes, an important nonfiction text feature. This resource aims to create concrete understanding through class discussions and hands-on practice. Over the course of the lesson, students will learn what an index is, why it is useful, and how to identify it within nonfiction texts. The slides incorporate discussions, think-pair-share opportunities, and activities that allow students to apply their new knowledge. Whether using this as an introduction or a review, the lesson is sure to reinforce this key concept. With customizable Google Slides, speaker notes, and ready-to-go student handouts, integrating this resource into your language arts or reading curriculum is seamless. Use it for whole-group teaching, small groups, or even independent practice. Suitable for grades 1-4. Expand your nonfiction text feature instruction with companion resources on captions, glossaries, tables of contents, titles, title pages, and more. Discover engaging interactive lessons that are teacher-created and classroom-tested.

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