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Number & Operations: Grouping Objects & Number Lines - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 1, 2

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About This Product

Number & Operations: Grouping Objects & Number Lines - FLASH-MAC

The Number & Operations: Grouping Objects & Number Lines - FLASH-MAC is a technologically advanced digital teaching tool designed to fortify students' understanding of Numbers and Operations. It offers an extensive range of resources, from comprehensive pre-assessments to exceptionally engaging lesson plans.

Key Features:
  • Adequately address real-world word problems which helps strengthening students' comprehension of mathematical concepts.
  • An assortment of enjoyable timed drill activities that can be customized for both whole class or small group exercises.
  • A thorough teacher guide replete with beneficial suggestions and tangible resources tailored for teaching themes related to Numbers and Operations more effectively.
  • Incorporation of SMART Response assessment feature that pairs incredibly well with the modern-day tech-dominated classrooms.
Furthermore, our resource package comes with bilingual support (English and Spanish voice-overs), catering well to today's diverse academic settings. This aids in enhancing comprehensive learning while advocating inclusivity – a trait extremely important in current pedagogical landscapes! Potential Uses:
  • The product file could also cater as homework assignments or additional practice work
  • The application could be used as primary teaching material or merely as reference content within your course plan.
Choosing the FLASH-MAC System means opting for a blend of simplicity entwined with sophisticated understanding! Available now at, this educational tool is perfect for Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. Encourage enhanced learning progress in Numbers & Operations by incorporating the FLASH-MAC system into your curriculum seamlessly.

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