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Number & Operations: Spinner Game - PC Software

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About This Product

Number & Operations: Spinner Game - PC Software

Number & Operations: Spinner Game - PC Software is a resourceful teaching tool, designed to help children develop a deep understanding of the number and operations concepts. Based on the Five Strands of Math, this game is perfectly suitable for students from preschool to grade 2, making it an excellent choice for both public school teachers and homeschoolers.

The software comes in a single zip file for easy download and use on any PC system. It incorporates real-world questions that align smoothly with Common Core State Standards. Moreover, it's crafted in accordance with STEM education.

The Interesting Construct of The Game

The software creatively reimagines the classic spinner game—each spin unravels six engaging numbers and operations queries. This approach enhances retention while keeping learners actively engaged throughout their practice session.

Versatility in Implementation

  • This resource could be used effectively across various settings, such as whole group activities or small group interactions that promote tailor-made learning experiences.
  • The simplistic structure also lends itself well for assignment as fascinating homework tasks—a captivating method to reinforce crucial math principles at home!

Prominently aligned with the NCTM (National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics) guidelines, this software stands testament to quality content mindfully curated by qualified educators keeping in mind instructional best practices.

A Fun Way To Learn Numbers

This teaching aid masterly blends entertainment with academic substance–encourages self-guided exploration while ensuring learners remain captivated throughout. Say goodbye to monotonous math lessons! Allow your students to immerse themselves experientially through their number-learning journey—resulting always in meaningful and enjoyable sessions.

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

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