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About This Product

Introducing the Number and Quantity Custom Cards | Color Trace | Christmas tree

The Number and Quantity Custom Cards are an outstanding resource targeting kindergarten, preschool, and grade 1 students. Their primary goal is to foster numeracy skills, especially number symbols comprehension alongside their quantities.

Product Snapshot:
  • A combination of one to ten numbered cards detailing respective quantities.
  • Visually appealing Christmas tree theme design cultivating pupils' interest while improving visual learning.
  • Dual sets facilitating usage versatility across various teaching contexts.


Potentially transform into personalized books or vibrant bulletin board pins. They can also function as classroom posters doubling as learning aids or standalone work packs for in-class utilization by students. They further make great homework assignments during holidays encouraging out-of-school active engagement concomitant with festive enjoyment!

Tracing and Color Recognition:

Besides enhancing color recognition understanding, these innovate cards promote tracing - a fundamental skill that improves hand-eye coordination while simultaneously reinforcing number memory among young learners.

A Versatile Size Profile:
  • A4-sized cards for compatibility with educational manipulatives such as play bricks or cubes thus facilitating clearer concept understanding via multisensory teaching techniques – capable of instilling basic place value identification effectively too!

  • Virtue of Crafting Fun!

    You aren’t limited to any set structure but rather can snap together sets according to complexity levels desired; meanwhile allot your students choice liberty in terms of assigning colors that best introduce them into numerical knowledge universe!

    Bridging Learning Capabilities: Preschool - Grade One – SEN Pupils

  • This resource remains adaptable across diverse learner abilities to effectively foster numeracy skills with flair!
  • Theme Choices:

    Choose among array of available theme options including boats, dinosaurs, spacecrafts etc., each catering to specific math skill area while still maintaining exciting learning atmosphere.

    Numeracy Education: A fun festive experience!

    In sum, this product comes as a user-friendly 21-page PDF file format that's straightforward to download and implement. By choosing Number and Quantity Custom Cards | Color Trace | Christmas tree, you embrace an engaging approach in imparting critical numeracy skills coated in vibrant festival hues!

    Resource Tags

    numeral recognition quantity representation visual learning hand-eye coordination multisensory teaching occupational therapy centers stations homeschooling

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