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Embrace the creative aspect of learning with the NUMBER AND QUANTITY CUSTOM CARDS. This practical, user-friendly teaching resource enables educators to infuse math basics with visual and interactive exercises. Crafted to reinforce numeracy skills, this product offers various uses in enhancing early math lessons.

This set is tailor-made for sharpening both cognitive and motor skills among preschoolers, kindergarten pupils, and first graders. With a delightful ghost theme engaging young learners, it adds a touch of fun while working on number symbols and their corresponding quantities.

The NUMBERS AND QUANTITY custom cards transcend beyond traditional flashcards or task cards' norms because these can be utilized as custom books - an innovative approach that gives students more engaging material than simple worksheets. This capability transforms this tool into versatile reading materials that can easily spark interest in kids.

  • Bulletin board pins/ Classroom Decoration: These unique resources serve as enchanting bulletin board pins and decoration or customizable posters in classrooms - making your class environment more child-friendly while subtly intensifying daily encounters with numbers.

  • Fabulous Homework Assignments: They make fabulous homework assignments during weekends or school break periods too. Used as task cards for morning work or during small group activities provide another way this tool can be effective at reiterating crucial numerical abilities.

  • A4 Size Compatibility: Its A4 size compatibility makes them easy partners for common math manipulatives such as cubes or play bricks – giving an additional multisensory approach advantageous for Special Education Needs (SEN) students' learning process—marking it an exceptional inclusion under Special Resources.

The set includes two sets for each number from 1-10; one ready-to-be-colored by the student and another designed to reinforce trace writing skills – providing both art & music infused fun during homeschooling or classroom sessions!

In conclusion, the NUMBER AND QUANTITY CUSTOM CARDS offer crafty fun learning alternative pouring serious importance on developing your child's early numeracy skills. Its capacity to engage young learners in various ways, its flexibility being used either in the classroom or at home, makes it a valuable addition to your teaching arsenal.

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