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An educational teaching resource from WORDS ASIDE entitled NUMBER AND QUANTITY CUSTOM CARDS | COLOR TRACE | DInosaur downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Delve into a prehistoric world of learning with these dinosaur-themed teaching resources! Perfectly suited for preschool, kindergarten and Grade 1 students, this material focuses on blending Math with Art & Music. These custom cards target two core mathematical skills: numbers and place value understanding.

Elevate your classroom experience

Introduce NUMBER AND QUANTITY CUSTOM CARDS, packed with dinosaur-themed fun. Focused on crafting basic numeracy knowledge (number symbols and corresponding quantity), these flash/task cards double as a versatile teaching tool in multiple formats such as activity books, bulletin board decoration, or even custom made posters.

  • Makes it possible to utilize the resource impressively across multiple avenues like independent work packs for reinforcing learned concepts or weekend homework assignments that keep learning enjoyable.

  • Serve as engaging morning work materials or to conduct small group activities that promote collaborative learning.

Crafted meticulously for interaction, each card has tasks designed to promote engagement - color and trace the dinosaurs! Each task is designed keeping the learners in mind – simple enough not to intimidate yet challenging enough to keep them engaged.

The Foundation of Great Math Proficiency

This set includes everything required from numbers 1 to 10 along with their corresponding quantities divided into two sets allowing kids ample practice. The A4 size of each card provides ample space for utilizing manipulatives such as math cubes or play bricks encouraging a multisensory approach towards education.

  • An outstanding resource towards Special Education Needs (SEN) by providing an amalgamation of crafts and coloring exercises supporting various methods towards concept understanding while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere.

  • Get creative and combine fun facets of craftiness together with serious numerical learning using this rich educational resource! Offering fantastic flexibility right at your fingertips ensures each person’s unique flair is showcased as they select their colors for implementation.

Experience the joy of learning unfold as numeracy skills are practiced in fun and engaging ways. The excitement can only grow as they eagerly anticipate more themes such as boat, submarine, spacecraft, bus, and UFO with new additions to build their collection over time.

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