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Introducing the resource: NUMBER AND QUANTITY CUSTOM CARDS | COLOR TRACE | gingerbread

This practical and creative teaching resource caters to a wide range of elementary educators with a focus on Pre-K, kindergarten, and Grade 1. It supports fundamental numeracy skills by incentivizing students to interact with numbers and quantities in an engaging manner.

Main Features:
  • The centerpiece of this versatile tool is its use of theme-based flash or task cards that feature number symbols (1-10) alongside their corresponding quantities. Wrapped in a lively gingerbread theme, these A4 sized boots are just waiting to be colored in or traced over by your students.
  • Educators can easily integrate this product into various learning contexts due to its flexible nature. For instance, it could be used for small group activities within the classroom or as independent work packs at home. They can be assembled into custom books or even employed as bulletin board decorations for visual reinforcement — their potential use being only limited by your creativity.
  • For holiday periods, consider deploying these cards as weekend homework assignments for fun-filled educational activity away from school premises.
  • The resources not only draw attention but also subtly promote the multisensory approach towards teaching math. Pair them up with physical manipulatives such as math cubes which will aid in reinforcing clarity regarding mathematical concepts.
  • Different themes such as boats, dinosaurs, spacecrafts, buses etc., are also available depending upon what resonates most with your group of learners apart from this adorned gingerbread set!


The file is available in an easily transferable PDF format allowing for quick printing-and-go functionality at convenience without any additional complexities.Therefore making it ideal even for homeschooling parents too!

Special Education Needs (SEN) Approach:
Designed specifically for younger learners including those with Special Education Needs, 'Number And Quantity Custom Cards’ introduces an effective hands-on method of solidifying base level mathematical competencies while ensuring classrooms stay vibrant and full of crafty fun throughout!

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