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Number Bonds for 6 Practice - Cut and Paste Strip Puzzle

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Number Bonds for 6 Practice - Cut and Paste Strip Puzzle

A simple, yet efficient way to help students strengthen their understanding of number bonds. Made with teachers in mind, this helpful teaching tool offers an entertaining alternative to traditional worksheet activities.

Engaging Learning Tool

This resource focuses on the number 6 and constructs an enjoyable environment for mastering this fundamental mathematical skill. It's a ready-to-use material - educators simply need to print out the sheets and hand them over to eager learners.

Friendly Printing Options

The set consists of two pages per number: one primary worksheet and another containing puzzle pieces meant for cutting and pasting onto the main sheet in the appropriate places. With options for both coloured and black-and-white printing.

Puzzle Integration into Learning Environments
  • Grooup Activity during math periods
  • Homework

    The Number Bonds for 6 Practice - Cut and Paste Strip Puzzle pack can be integrated as additional practice work in various learning environments, helping those struggling with Number Bonds.

    Nurturing Mathematical Proficiency from Early Learned Skills

    "Number Bonds for 6 Practice", is a suitable tool that subsequently enhances mathematical proficiency from an early stage. This helps in building strong foundational skills leading towards future success in more complex arithmetic operations explored at higher grades through such effective tools.

    Note:This set is available as PDF file format suitable predominantly designed focusing preschoolers up through grade level one.

What's Included

Teacher information

Worksheets with puzzles for the number bonds for number 6

Pages with puzzle pieces to cut out and paste on the worksheets.

Colour and Black and White printing options are both included.

Resource Tags

Number Bonds Cut and Paste Strip Puzzle Addition Practice Hands-on Learning

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