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Number Bonds for 8 Practice - Cut and Paste Strip Puzzle

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Number Bonds for 8 Practice - Cut and Paste Strip Puzzle

The Number Bonds for 8 Practice - Cut and Paste Strip Puzzle is a diverse teaching resource created to make learning math entertaining and engaging. Aimed at preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 educators or homeschoolers, these math worksheets focus on addition practicing with number bonds centered around the number '8'.

What does this resource include?
  • An activity enhancing number bond understanding along with fine motor skills through cut-and-paste exercises.
  • Self-checking puzzles requiring no preparation; just print out!
  • Two pages per student: a primary worksheet with blank spaces for puzzle pieces, plus an individual puzzle piece sheet.
Printing options

You have the option to print in either color or black & white depending on your preference and needs. You can conserve ink by printing only the puzzle pieces in color while keeping the main worksheet in black-&-white.

Versatility of use

You can assign these worksheets as homework tasks that students can confidently complete independently. They also fit seamlessly into classroom activities such as interactive elements during math centers or assignments prepared for early finishers needing extra practice.

A Hands-On Learning Experience


Your students will enjoy cutting out each digital piece from one page before matching each one onto corresponding spaces on their individual sheets. The challenge isn't just about successfully completing addition assignments but assembling an image from correctly pasted puzzle pieces!

Tailored Per Skill Level


This teaching aid accommodates different skill levels whether it's remedial work required by those finding it hard grasping this mathematical concept or advanced learners wanting more challenging tasks.

Coverage across various numbers

Leveraging this resource in conjunction with others related to different numbers, makes possible multi-level teaching. Enhance math confidence with the exciting Number Bonds for 8 Practice - Cut and Paste Strip Puzzle worksheets! They will definitely ask for more, and you will indeed be ready.

What's Included

Teacher information

Worksheets with puzzles for the number bonds for number 8

Pages with puzzle pieces to cut out and paste on the worksheets.

Colour and Black and White printing options are both included.

Resource Tags

number bonds addition practice cut and paste puzzle activity hands-on learning

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