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Numbers 1-10 - Play Dough Mats and Recipe

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Early Math





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About This Product

The play dough mats are suitable for preschool, 1st grade beginners, special education, and also for use at home to promote numbers, quantities, and motor skills. They provide children with a playful and creative way to learn digits and quantities. The mats are ideal for number stations, learning trays, or independent work.

You will receive several mats for molding numbers up to 10. Each mat has the same task:

-The children shape the digit with play dough.

-The children mold and place the corresponding quantity as apples on the apple tree as an unstructured quantity.

-The children mold and place balls in the corresponding number on the ten frame.

-The children match picture cards with the corresponding finger image to the respective play dough mat. These can be fixed with a play dough ball on the mat. For differentiation, finger images with one hand (numbers up to 5) and two hands (numbers up to 10) are available. It is best to laminate and cut out the cards. The cards can be attached to the play dough mats with a play dough ball.

-The children write the number with a dry-erase marker on the number sequence.

Each task type is visualized with symbols so that the students do not need reading skills to complete the tasks.

For differentiation, there are two versions of the play dough mats for each number:

1)Number to trace and predetermined quantities of apples on the tree.

2)Number must be written freely, and the quantities for the apple tree must be counted independently.

Tip: The two versions (easy and difficult) can be printed double-sided (duplex printing) for differentiation of the individual numbers. If you only want one version, select "odd pages" (Version 1) or "even pages" (Version 2) to print from page 7 onwards.

To prevent the play dough from leaving marks on the paper, the copy template should be laminated or placed in a plastic sleeve.

Additionally, you will find a practical DIY recipe for inexpensive play dough that you can quickly make yourself.

Best regards

Doreen Blumhagen – Die Relitante

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