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numbers 1-9 POSTER CARDS | symbol-dots quantity representation G

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About This Product

The Numbers 1-9 Poster Cards : An Impactful Teaching Resource .

The Numbers 1 - 9 Poster Cards are an invaluable teaching tool for students in preschool through to grade 1, offering a vivid graphical representation of quantities from numbers one through nine on sixty-nine A4 pages .

Main Features:

  • Prominently features dots embedded within the number symbol itself, promoting interactive learning .

  • Increase student engagement by allowing them to point, trace, paint or count directly on the figure .

Versatility and Application :

These cards are versatile — equally applicable in environments such as public school classrooms or homeschool settings . They are ideally suited for :

  1. Whole group instruction where teachers demonstrate numerical concepts live to all students at once .

  2. Small cluster scenarios — where each student can explore independently with their own set under educator guidance .

  3. Homeschooling assignments providing additional practice outside the classroom .

Fostering Basic Math Skills :

Beyond covering numbers these cards also instruct on basic math operations tackling addition and subtraction word problems involving small numbers — a perfect foundational resource ! Moreover they include seven different combination sets offering varied visual interpretations thereby amplifying its usefulness .

Ease of Use and Global Relevancy :

The Numbers 1 - 9 Poster Cards come as a convenient PDF file making them easy to print in leading educational needs across locations globally that focus on early years mathematics education .

Durability in Asynchronous Learning Environments :
Necessitated by situations like pandemics necessitating remote schooling these poster cards continue to provide quality content . Ensuring access to quality instructional material for both teachers and parents, they introduce young children to the exciting world of mathematics, nurture lifelong learning and break down traditional barriers by demystifying the notion that math is a difficult subject .

69 - page PDF .

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