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numbers 1-9 POSTER CARDS | symbol-picture quantity representation A

An educational teaching resource from WORDS ASIDE entitled numbers 1-9 POSTER CARDS | symbol-picture quantity representation A downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Numbers 1 - 9 Poster Cards : Symbol - Picture Quantity Representation A .

A comprehensive teaching resource, Numbers 1 - 9 Poster Cards : Symbol-Picture Quantity Representation A provides an incredibly effective method for introducing children to early numbers . The flash cards integrate number symbols with corresponding visuals, extending the concept of quantity .

  • 90 pages ( A4 size ) poster cards .

  • Each card illustrates a unique combination of numbers from one to nine along with related black and white illustrations .

  • Vivid images are integrated within number symbols like an apple for one or two ice creams for two . This clever approach enables children to recognize numbers and associate them with real - life quantities .

This is an ideal resource for preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders, this PDF assists in teaching essential mathematical skills in the initial years including addition and subtraction word problems from early stages of teaching .

Interactive Learning Opportunities :

The pictures incorporated within each number symbol encourage young learners to interact actively during their learning process . They can :

  1. Point at images during recitation or discussions ,

  2. Boldly trace over numerals to reinforce shape recognition or

  3. Possibly paint the pictures/numbers - appealing both analytical and creative faculties .

Ten different visual sets incorporating themes such as food items (ice cream), animals (teddy bear), household objects (bed, towel, vase/flowers, T- shirt & watch) .

If you're seeking a straightforward, stimulating approach to teaching early numeric skills efficiently, 'Numbers 1 - 9 Poster Cards: Symbol-Picture Quantity Representation A' fulfills all your needs . These cards offer differentiated learning opportunities to cater to varied learning styles among the young ones and are an ideal addition to your math- teaching repertoire .

100 - page PDF to use in your centers and stations but as screen presentations as well .

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