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Numbers & Counting Learning Songs

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About This Product

Educational Resource: Numbers & Counting Learning Songs

Engaging young minds and developing their foundational numeracy skills is easily attainable with the Numbers & Counting Learning Songs. This resource consists of enjoyable, education-rich songs designed to teach children the essentials of counting, starting from one up to twenty. Ideal for Preschool and Early Learning level classrooms.

Understanding numbers and the concept of counting forms the baseline of math literacy. Therefore, these learning songs are absolutely instrumental for students in this age range (Preschool and Early Learning).The audio files within this resource are crafted not only to engage but also captivate young learners making it a dynamic teaching tool.

Incorporated into these 25 instructional songs are lovable themes such as animals and other visually exciting contexts that are particularly intriguing for young minds.

  • Promotes attentiveness which enhances understanding
  • Improves internalization and number recall skills through diversified contexts
  • Adds an interdisciplinary flavor to your lessons due to various intriguing themes

This audial product comes as a single zip file filled with rich content compacted into 25 distinct songs - enough variety to keep ongoing sessions fresh each time!

Possible Applications:

  1. Basis whole class teaching sessions where students can interactively count along together promoting camaraderie amongst peers while acquiring key math competencies simultaneously.
  2. Fits small group study settings enabling robust interactions between pupils under guided facilitation by educators or homeschoolers which could spark off child-led learning situations too!
  3. Suitable for individual listening tasks at home so children bridge their school knowledge onto homework assignments creating stronger associations between theory learnt in class versus real-world applications at home!
Final Notes:

The Numbers & Counting Learning Songs is a vital addition to your pedagogical toolbox that genuinely serves its purpose - engaging learners while building comprehensive proficiency in numbers recognition forming strong foundations necessary for future math domains. Validation once again why music indeed is food for growing minds!

What's Included

1 zip file with 25 songs

Resource Tags

educational songs numeracy skills counting preschool learning interactive teaching

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