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Nursery Rhyme: Jack and Jill

An educational teaching resource from The Proactive Classroom entitled Nursery Rhyme: Jack and Jill downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The Jack and Jill Nursery Rhyme Pack

The Jack and Jill Nursery Rhyme pack is a comprehensive teaching resource for enthusiastic educators who place an emphasis on early literacy. Recognizing the significant role nursery rhymes play in developing phonemic awareness, story structure comprehension, retelling skills, vocabulary enhancement, and understanding cause and effect relationships, this pack offers varied interactive ways to engage young students.

Contents of the Pack

  • A Nursery Rhyme Book - Students can sequence pages according to the rhyme's flow after which they can color its contents before the book is assembled for them.

  • Magnet Board Characters - Tools that animate the retelling of nursery rhymes; these magnetic pieces serve as perfect embellishments.

  • Popsicle Stick Puppet Characters - Encourage children into acting out scenes from the rhyme; offering an engaging platform for practicing retelling techniques.

  • A note detailing how beneficial nursery rhymes are for young children’s development - Perfect guide for parents' bolstering their children's education outside school premises.

  • A Carpet Song – Interactive physical activity mimicking Jack and Jill's adventure with a mere plastic beach bucket underarm!

Additional Resources Included:

  1. The Class Book acts a creative exercise where students write about items they would fetch up a hill with friends.

    In addition educators also receive two cleverly devised games:

    The Phoneme Pocket Chart Game:

    Tweaks characters' names by switching initial letters causing much delight among students while helping them blend sounds into new words.

    The Positional Words Pocket Chart Game:

    An active play game that stimulates physical activity having kids mimic Jack & Jill traveling over/under or around hills with handheld puppets!

    This unique offering should prove its worth not only inside traditionally constituted classrooms but also within homeschool landscapes—as it masterfully intertwines recreation with educational enrichment—all at very affordable costs!

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Nursery Rhymes Phonemic Awareness Vocabulary Enhancement Interactive Learning Literacy Centers

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