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Nursery Rhyme: There Was an Old Woman

An educational teaching resource from The Proactive Classroom entitled Nursery Rhyme: There Was an Old Woman downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The "There Was an Old Woman Nursery Rhyme" pack is an effective teaching resource designed for early childhood education. This product blends classic nursery rhymes with contemporary educational practices and is remarkably suited for preschool through grade 3 learners.

Product components include:

  • A book adaptation of "There Was An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe", beneficial for whole class or small group readings.

  • A mini version of the book allows students to engage further by sequencing pages before coloring and keeping them as takeaways.

  • A magnet board set facilitates storytelling practice by encouraging children to physically recreate events from the nursery rhyme under teacher guidance. This can be adapted on numerous surfaces such as filing cabinets or whiteboards, making it incredibly practical.

  • Popsicle stick puppet characters provide a fun way for students to perform their own enactments of the story.

  • The inclusion of positioning words promotes pocket chart activity; numeral cards that tie into this tale with counting exercises; and a one-page rhyme chart which can be enlarged into poster format facilitating visual presentation during lessons.

An instructive note explaining the importance of nursery rhymes in early childhood education is also included – handy when communicating with parents at home-school meetings. Apart from being an enjoyable activity, these learning tools successfully instill self-directed working habits when staged at activity centers within larger student groups.

All content material has been digitized into PDF format offering convenient access across different digital platforms while ensuring high-quality print outputs each time its used. This package effectively cultivates fundamental literacy skills amongst young minds using timeless tales that continue to resonate today.

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Nursery Rhymes Phonemic Awareness Vocabulary Acquisition Story Sequencing Cause-and-Effect

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