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O Come, Little Children / The First Noel Sheet Music

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled O Come, Little Children / The First Noel Sheet Music downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

O Come, Little Children and The First Noel Sheet Music

This resource offers an enjoyable and accessible way to integrate music education into curriculum for educators in public schools, homeschooling situations, or other educational environments. The sheet music incorporates two beloved Christmas tunes, making it particularly relevant for life studies or art curriculums.

Product Details:

  • Written in a single line melody format along with the full score specifically designed for piano players at an intermediate level.
  • Includes guitar chords to accommodate diverse classrooms with varied instrumental resources.
  • Versatile by design - Can be used in whole group activities as well as small group musical practices and performances.
  • Comprises of approximately 9 comprehensive pages arranged in an easy-to-navigate PDF format.

Suitable For:

    The sheet music can be incorporated across various grade levels ranging from Grade 6 to Grade12. It's versatility provides numerous practical applications that cater to different learning abilities while adding a festive spirit associated with these iconic Christmas songs!

If you're looking for a teaching resource that seamlessly blends musical education within life studies or religious teachings - this sheet music is the ideal pick! Whether you want it for conducting choir enactments or individual homework assignments that encourage practice outside of school hours, its adaptability suits all requirements. Its easy-to-read layout ensures engaging learning about central theme contents related to Jesus's birth reflected through renowned Christmas carol compositions. +

What's Included

PDF with 9 pages included.

Resource Tags

piano education Christmas tunes melody format guitar chords classroom resource come little children sheet music

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