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Ocean Story Telling Cards

Ocean Story Telling Cards
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About This Product

The Ocean Story Telling Cards

The Ocean Story Telling Cards is a comprehensive educational resource for teachers and homeschoolers looking to infuse creativity into their learning sessions. This kit, unparalleled in its kind, comes as a graceful unison of art and knowledge. It presents hand-illustrated watercolor images that transform storytelling into an artistic adventure.

Suitability across age groups

The cards are applicable for children across various age groups, from kindergarten through grade 4. The product predominantly falls under the Art & Music subject with Fine Arts as its sub-subject, however it can be integrated with assorted disciplines and themes in any curriculum.

Promoting interactive learning

  • For educators planning whole group discussions or small group assignments - these Ocean Story Telling Cards serve as excellent conversation starters promoting interactive learning.
  • Telling stories using images boosts imagination while fostering communication skills.
  • At individual practice levels, kids can utilise them independently enriching their storytelling prowess and expanding vocabulary.
Broad usability - beyond classrooms!

Homeschooling parents can greatly benefit by stimulating creative thinking among kids while making their learning enjoyable using these unique cards!

An ideal complement for study themes!

This teaching aide comes as a PDF file containing uniquely designed cards showcasing different ocean elements; it's indeed an ideal add-on for studies about sea life or nature-themed teaching plans! In addition to story formation activities; this versatile resource lithely facilitates role-play based on enthralling mermaid tales or inspiring ocean adventures!

In Summary:
"Education doesn't need limits when teaching becomes simple!" Whether it's witnessing ideas unfold during class interaction sessions or enhancing assignments with a touch of creativity – these Ocean Story Telling Cards effortlessly manage education to take an enjoyable path that's steeped with creativity and knowledge simultaneously.

What's Included

1 PDF File for the materials.

Resource Tags

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