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Old Yeller: Exploring Literature Teaching Unit

Old Yeller: Exploring Literature Teaching Unit
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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Old Yeller: Exploring Literature Teaching Unit

The Old Yeller: Exploring Literature Teaching Unit is the perfect academic resource designed to ease the process of teaching and fostering an adoration for quality literature among students. Primarily envisioned for teachers in academic institutions and homeschool educators, this indispensable tool guarantees minimized planning time without compromising on quality.

Apt Fit for Varied Grades and Learning Styles

This all-inclusive package is ideally suited for Grade 4 up to Grade 9 classes, delving into Language Arts with a spotlight on Literature. With its content targeted towards different learning approaches, it enhances text comprehension while igniting reading interest.

User-friendly Format Packed Full of Activities

  • All 51 pages filled with engaging activities come in an effortless-to-comprehend PDF format.
  • No need for additional preparation - simply print and share!
  • Cuts down on planning time, letting you focus more on student comprehension.

Benefit from Flexible Implementation Choices

  • Returns excellent results whether used as part of whole group or small group lessons.
  • Doubles wonderfully as homework or self-study materials during remote learning scenarios.
  • Fits seamlessly into mixed classroom setups and online settings alike.

The 'Old Yeller: Exploring Literature Teaching Unit' advocates not only information dissemination but fosters critical thinking through thought-stimulating questions that challenge students' perspectives while making them verbalize insights from their reading experience.

A special aspect about this remarkable product is its adherence to educational standards while keeping your class enthralled throughout their journey deep into classic literature like 'Old Yeller'. Its versatility allows for modify based on your unique classroom requirements without undercutting lesson goals or student comprehension—an invaluable asset to any teacher's tool-set.


In a nutshell, the Old Yeller: Exploring Literature Teaching Unit ensures both teacher efficiency and enriched student learning. Blending academic rigor with captivating content, this unit functions as a perfect addition to any educator’s kit to light up young learners' love for literature.

What's Included

1 PDF with 51 ready to print pages

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