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One in a Melon- May & June Bulletin Board - Summer Door Decoration

One in a Melon- May & June Bulletin Board - Summer Door Decoration
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About This Product

The One in a Melon - May & June Bulletin Board - Summer Door Decoration

An educator's tool that adds a splash of summer delights to your classroom or homeschool setup, providing the right feel for the end of the school year. This resource adds color and serves as an interactive teaching tool versatile enough for students in Grade 1 through Grade 8.

Create a customizable bulletin board with this simple, digital product pack encased in a ZIP file.

  • A PNG file,
  • PPT file,
  • Three PDF files.
These files can be used beyond decoration such as engaging students in hands-on activities like decorating the board themselves.

In this pack you will find three lettering options:

  1. Sweet Summertime,
  2. We are One in a Melon,
  3. Hello Summer.
Use each phrase by itself or interchange them for more vibrant displays. Additionally, there's an editable melon PPT file included which allows customization capabilities tailored according to classroom needs or preferences.

This tool can be effectively integrated into various subjects but is particularly appropriate for lessons about summertime events and cultures. Teachers could use it during whole class instructions, group activities or even individual tasks using elements of the set as homework assignments.

Note: This product is purely digital thus no physical item will be shipped upon purchase. Color variations may occur due to differences between monitor settings or home/school printer techniques.

Add some summer atmosphere to your learning space! The One in A Melon-May & June Bulletin Board-Summer Door Decoration offers versatility, cheerfulness and essential adaptability for end-of-year teaching.

What's Included

One in a Melon Summer Door Decoration

What’s included: 1 PNG file, 1 PPT, file, and 3 PDF files

1 PDF file: Border

1 PDF file: Bunting

1 PDF file: Board Decor (1 size on 1 page and one picture on 2-3 pages)

1 PPT file: Editable Melon

1 PNG file: of letters to use with a cutting machine

3 lettering options:

The letters with black and black outlines.




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