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One, Many, No Triangles CARD SORT ACTIVITY

One, Many, No Triangles CARD SORT ACTIVITY
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About This Product

One, Many, No Triangles CARD SORT ACTIVITY:

An innovative teaching resource specially tailored for 7th-grade mathematics teachers to boost student comprehension and participation. This math activity accentuates the Geometry Standard – the building of triangles from predetermined sets of conditions whilst analyzing possibilities of creating a unique or multiple triangles or none at all using given angle or side measures.

The Activity:

  • Students will receive 16 cards displaying diverse measurements - some exhibiting three side lengths while others depicting three angle measures.
  • Using knowledge of the Triangle Angle Sum and Inequality Theorems, they are tasked to determine whether a card can lead to 'One Unique Triangle', 'Many Triangles' or 'No Triangle'.
  • Their conclusions are then categorized into designated sections for an interactive learning experience.

Versatility in Delivery:

This activity set comes in three different versions catering to varied instructional delivery methods and learner demands.

  1. A large print version encourages group collaborations involving cutting and pasting techniques.
  2. A small print version suitable for individual work offering opportunities to refine precise handwriting skills while engaging in critical thinking processes.
  3. A digital version on Google Slides ensures integration with technology boosting remote learning capability as well as providing flexibility within various classroom setups.

Beyond Traditional Learning Methods:

This unique activity not only augments understanding of essential Geometry standards but adopts active participatory principles promoting enriched understanding through practical methods rather than abstract ones alone. It can serve different functions:

  • Fostering collaborative thinking strategies during whole class instruction,
  • Encouraging peer engagement during small group activities, or
  • Aiding in consolidation of learned concepts when used as independent homework tasks.

Exceptional Features:

The package comes equipped with answer keys that simplify the grading process and serve as a self-study tool bolstering the habit of self-revision among pupils.

Boost your mathematics instruction today with this dynamic resource that guarantees lasting comprehension!

What's Included

This resource contains the following items:

1) One, Many, No Triangles CARD SORT ACTIVITY

•Students will be given 16 cards with various sets of measurements (some will contain three side lengths, others will contain three angle measures).

•Students should apply the Triangle Angle Sum and Inequality Theorems to determine if each set of measurements would produce “One Unique Triangle”, “Many Triangles”, or “No Triangle”

•Students will sort each set of measurements into the spaces provided.

•THREE Versions of this activity are included:

•Large print (2 pages), best for collaborative learning and cutting & pasting

•Small print (1 page), best for individual work and hand-writing in their choices

•A version for Google Slides

2) Answer Keys

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