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Origins of the Constitution and Essential Terms

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

Origins of the Constitution and Essential Terms

The Origins of the Constitution and Essential Terms is a comprehensive 40-page lesson developed to give students from grades 6-9 a thorough understanding of the origins of the United States Constitution within its historical context. Operating under the premise that our foundational principles spring from deep roots in ancient Greek and Roman government structures, Enlightenment thinkers such as John Locke, Baron de Montesquieu, English law, colonial laws, and even influences from Iroquois Confederacy governance practices.

This powerful educational resource allows pupils to delve into an enlightening text that illuminates key events leading up to our nation's most critical document. It includes interactive components where students will progressively explore essential constitutional terms for further clarity.

Instructional Tool Flexibility

As an instructional tool designed with flexibility in mind, educators are free to integrate it directly into their existing curriculum or utilize it as a central focal point during teaching sessions. The Origins of the Constitution facilitates learning for whole class groups but can also be effectively broken down into smaller groups or homework assignments.

Included in this Package:
  • Detailed lesson plan with clear objectives aligned with Common Core Standards
  • Origins of the Constitution Reading guide
  • Origin Chart
  • Study guide
  • Contributor Keys
  • An Assessment Test focused on comprehension enhancement among learners.

This product stands out because it is suitable for various delivery formats - think individualized instruction during distant learning or homeschooling setup.With files created using Microsoft Word format file type ensures educator ease-of-use across multiple platforms with easy adaptation options where necessary.

About Us:

This resource stands as Lesson two amongst many others being offered by our esteemed teacher-authors who've heartily crafted several other constitution-oriented lessons available at A Great Good Place for Teachers Store online platform just waiting eagerly to take our young learners 'Into', 'Through,' and 'Beyond' every aspect related to The Living Document called The United States Constitution which we leisurely enjoy today.

What's Included

The following is included in the lesson:

--A detailed lesson plan with objectives and learning targets aligned to the Common Core Standards

--Understanding Essential Terms for the Origins of the Constitution

--Origins of the Constitution Reading

--Origins of the Constitution Chart and Key

--K.I.M. Vocabulary for Essential Terms of the Origins of the Constitution and Key

--Origins of the Constitution Study Guide and Key

--Origins of the Constitution Test and Key

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