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Out of this World PE Games | 12 Large Group Games

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Out of this World PE Games | 12 Large Group Games

A dynamic teaching resource perfect for physical education and health classes. This set includes a dozen energetic, large group games that are themed around space concepts – everything from planets and stars to aliens and galaxies. These games are designed keeping children's interests in mind, covering engaging topics such as time warps, jets, meteors, and even black holes!

Each game in this collection has been tried-and-tested in real-world classrooms with consistently positive results. They have generated such enthusiasm among students that they often request these games week after week.


'Out of this World PE Games' proves itself as an adaptable tool for teachers, regardless if it's utilized by one class or multiple classes simultaneously. Primarily targeted at elementary-aged learners, these games also engage middle school and high school students—universally expressed their enjoyment when participating! Ideal elements to infuse into various classroom scenarios—be it an immersive whole-group exercise or even broken down into smaller group activities.

Included Games:

  • Space Invaders
  • Masters of the Universe
  • Escape from Cyberspace,
  • Galaxy Quest etc., totaling up to 12 unique experiences for students.

The package comes ready-to-go in a convenient PDF format comprising >36 pages packed full with information on gameplay setup and instructions–it couldn't be easier to get started!

The learning material isn't specific to any one grade level; instead it can seamlessly fit into any educational environment where physical education is taught. Effectively mix up your classroom routine while promoting healthy engagement with Out of this World PE Games | 12 Large Group Games. This is an essential tool designed by educators for educators who seek meaningful content framed within themes relatable for their pupils.

What's Included

1 PDF with 36 ready to print pages

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