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Paper Bag Princess - Literature Kit Gr. 1-2

Paper Bag Princess - Literature Kit Gr. 1-2
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Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

Paper Bag Princess - Literature Kit Gr. 1-2

Engage your students in a captivating fairy tale adventure with the Paper Bag Princess - Literature Kit for grades 1-2; a multi-faceted teaching resource designed to enhance Language Arts and literacy skills. This product encapsulates the intriguing tale of Princess Elizabeth's encounter with an unexpected foe and her intelligent response that challenges traditional expectations.

The Promise of Interactive Learning

As educators, we know it's essential to provide opportunities that encourage interactive learning. This literature kit does just that by allowing our young learners to dive into character conversations from different perspectives.

  • Sparking critical thinking about characters' reactions.
  • Enhancing linguistic aspects like vowel sounds identification from relevant vocabulary words.
  • Promoting proofreading abilities through sentence correction exercises.

A testing tool monotonously fun yet effective!

The true or false segment tests rigorous comprehension emphasized with detail-oriented reading habits. With this literature kit, flexibility is at hand as it comfortably fits into whole group instruction or individual assignments alike—including home-based tasks.

Creative Segments for Enriched Experience!

A reporter's quest digging deeper insights on vital events enhances curiosity-driven learning! Furthermore, Story Makeover prompts imaginative spins within realms of familiarity by encouraging students towards visualising alternative plot twists.

  • Crossword puzzles and word searches aligned with state standards add an exciting twist towards reinforcing learned concepts!
  • Frequent comprehension quizzes ensure thorough content understanding! A readily included answer key provides swift validation! The journey alongside Princess Elizabeth, wearing nothing more than a paper bag, teaches not only the importance of intelligence and resourcefulness but also the timeless wisdom: never judge a person by their appearance!

    Paper Bag Princess - Literature Kit catering to grade 1-2 students is downloadable in PDF form ready for your eager learners on demand!

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