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Paralympics: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

An incredible journey awaits educators, public school teachers, and homeschoolers who wish to ignite respect and admiration for the strength of the human spirit. This resource titled "Paralympics" is a rich, 105-slide PowerPoint presentation meticulously designed to educate learners about Para Athletics and Paralympics.

Dive Deep into the History & Significance of Paralympic Games

  • The comprehensive exploration of the Paralympic games includes its inception, significant evolution over time, the influential role of IPC (International Paralympic Committee), and emblematic facets such as its motto, flag, logo, and core values.

  • Engage your students with stirring accounts of athletes who defied all odds to compete in both Olympics & Paralympics. The presentation introduces them to some phenomenal international luminaries known for mastering their skills in various sports at the Paraolyppis games.

  • The teaching material delves into multiple intriguing aspects that revolve around this globally recognized event - from an elaborative look into different sporting disciplines partake at the Games available right down to understanding crucial considerations behind classifying athletes; it offers everything they need for thorough understanding.

Moving Multimedia Content Intensifies Learning Experience

This PowerPoint takes elements further by directing users towards actual videos encapsulating some memorable moments held in Rio 2016 Paralymptic Games signed off by striking highlights runners could appreciate looking back on years later. Also included are links leading you towards an inspiring video called - 'We're The Superhumans'. Highly motivating during those days when flagging morale needs uplifting most!

Spotlight on Tokyo 2020 & More

The package incorporates visually appealing imagery directly associated with Tokyo 2020's happenings. It even spotlights how beautifully-crafted medals deservedly won from respected athletes turned heads among sporting fans across continents last year!

Versatile and User-Friendly Resource

Whether you're planning whole group instruction or smaller group activities or even illuminating homework assignments - this resource fits seamlessly into any teaching modality. This versatile tool, unrestricted by grade specifics, serves as an enriching addition to learning topics under the Physical Education and Health subject area.


This easy-to-navigate and fully editable Microsoft PowerPoint-based teaching resource promises to foster an enlightened perspective towards Para Athletics and Paralympics among students.

What's Included

This resource contains an editable, 105-slide PowerPoint presentation on Para Athletics and the Paralympics.

Resource Tags

Paralympics Para Athletics Inclusion International Paralympic Committee Adaptive Sports

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