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Number Bonds to 10 PowerPoint Lesson

An educational teaching resource from Inspire and Educate By Krazikas entitled Number Bonds to 10 PowerPoint Lesson downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Number Bonds to 10 PowerPoint Lesson

This resource is a tailor-made, essential teaching aid for assisting early learners such as preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders in developing a firm understanding of basic math. The comprehensive learning support focuses on number bonds up to 10 through an incredibly interactive visual presentation.

  • A riveting total of 90 entirely editable slides.
  • Foundation of addition and subtraction made clear through visual examples.
  • The graphics make the concept easily understandable for young minds moving from one bowl to another exemplifying addition or subtraction.

Additional Features:

The inclusion of color-coded strips numbered from 1-10. These can be laminated to last longer and make for an engaging hand-on activity that reinforces the mathematical concept being taught. This attribute proves particularly beneficial for students who might find numerical work difficult; they are more likely to actively participate in lessons by using the color chart to identify 'missing numbers'.

Broad Audience Base:
Given the thoughtful design consideration given to diverse skillsets among its audience, this resource doesn’t only cater exclusively to primary grade students but also older pupils enrolled in Special Education will find substantial benefit due its simplistic yet deeply informative structure.
Versatile Classroom Resource:

In terms of flexibility, this tool surpasses many others- it can serve either as a standalone lesson or used frequently during day-to-day instruction as revision material aiding student understanding and retention.

In short: 'The Number Bonds to 10 PowerPoint Lesson strikes that harmonious balance between information delivery and student engagement- making it truly invaluable educational support.'


What's Included

This resource includes a fully editable 90-slide PowerPoint lesson on number bonds to 10.

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interactive number bonds math concepts addition and subtraction visual presentation

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