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Pastel 3D Shapes Clip Art

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Grade 2, 3, 5, 6, 7



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About This Product

Pastel 3D Shapes Clip Art

The Pastel 3D Shapes Clip Art is a multipurpose and functional tool for educators. The pack features a comprehensive collection of 45 different, visually captivating illustrations, available in full color and black and white.

  • In the pack, teachers will find shapes ranging from simple figures such as cubes, spheres, and cylinders, to complex objects like hemispheres, prisms (triangular and rectangular), and pyramids (square-based and triangle-based).

  • Made more appealing with bright pastel colors, these interactive graphics can be easily integrated into your curriculum. They're suitable for various grades - from grade 2 to grade 7 - enhancing group lessons or individual homework tasks.

  • The clip art is provided in universally accessible PNG format within an easy-to-handle ZIP file. Whether you’re customizing lesson plans or creating educational activities, these top-notch graphics are just what you need.

This resource can be used for either commercial or personal use depending on teacher requirements—it's not just limited to imparting geometric concepts. No credit is needed while using this teaching aid but it’s always appreciated!

Educators can now ensure their teachings stand out while helping students understand key facets of three-dimensional shapes easily all within an engaging setting bound only by creativity! So here's wishing endless fun to all our educational professionals when creating unique teaching content using our Pastel 3D Shapes Clip Art!

What's Included

1 ZIP File

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