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PE Equipment Challenge Cards: Beach Ball Tasks

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About This Product

PE Equipment Challenge Cards: Beach Ball Tasks provides physical education teachers with 24 task cards that promote skills, coordination, and fun using beach balls. Students complete challenges like balancing the ball on various body parts or working with a partner to pass the ball in creative ways. The full-page task cards can be printed or used digitally in PDF, PPT, or JPEG formats. They are great for individual, small group, or whole class beach ball activities. Assign certain cards for each student or group and have them check off tasks as they accomplish them. These open-ended challenges foster creativity, engagement, and enjoyment while developing stability, eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness, teamwork and more!

What's Included

1 PDF with 12 printable pages

1 PowerPoint with 24 slides

24 printable JPG files

1 PDF with 24 printable pages

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