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PE Grouping Signs + Cards: Adventurers Theme

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About This Product

Adventurers Theme PE Grouping Signs + Cards is a classroom management resource for physical education teachers. This set includes 8 full-page signs with adventurer characters like Explorer Ella, Captain Rico, and Navigator Nia. It also includes matching mini student cards, with 16 cards per page. Teachers can display the fun, illustrated signs around the gym. Then distribute the cards to students for easy small group organization. Use them to form teams, differentiate stations, manage equipment, structure activities, motivate students, highlight leaders and more. With colorful characters and multiple uses, this resource creatively streamlines PE class. Implement whole-class by assigning characters or let students personally connect with an adventurer. Explorer Ella and her crew allow teachers to strategically group students for a smooth, active lesson flow.

What's Included

16-page PDF

16 JPG files

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physical education classroom management grouping cards graphics posters

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