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PE Grouping Signs + Cards: Superheroes Theme

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About This Product

Superheroes PE Grouping Signs and Cards is a classroom management resource for physical education teachers. This set includes 8 full-page signs and 16 mini student cards featuring popular superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman. Teachers can display the full-size signs around the gymnasium or field to designate different student groups. Once students locate their assigned superhero group, teachers can pass out the coordinating student cards for students to hold or wear. This allows teachers to quickly organize students into small groups for various activities, stations, teams, etc. The cards and signs feature bright, engaging superhero graphics that students will love. This versatile tool promotes organization, cooperation, and responsibility in a way that engages young learners. Use during gym class, recess activities, or field days to enhance learning.

What's Included

16-page PDF

16 JPG files

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physical education group cards signs organization

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