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Penguin Life Cycle Adapted Book / Google Slides

Penguin Life Cycle Adapted Book / Google Slides
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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Title: Penguin Life Cycle Adapted Book / Google Slides

Delve into the world of penguins and their fascinating life cycle with this interactive teaching resource. Designed specifically for those in Kindergarten, Preschool, and Grade 1, as well as special educations settings, it portrays a unique way of taking a look at nature's journey through the eyes of these remarkable creatures.

This interactive teaching tool is presented in an impressive 13 slide deck that is easily navigable on Google Slides. It includes an 11-page 'adapted book', setting the foundation for students to build their vocabulary around penguins' life-cycle while encouraging reading comprehension skills.
  • Carefully crafted questions mapped to each page ensure that children gain a thorough understanding of the concepts.

In addition to offering factual insight about penguins, this resource goes one step further with two slides dedicated towards labeling activities. Here learners have an opportunity to label parts of a penguin and stages of its life cycle, further enhancing their grasp on both scientific terminologies related to zoology and integrative learning.

The Penguin Life Cycle Adapted Book can be utilized in various educational settings depending upon your teaching style and your students' unique needs:

  1. Whether you're instructing a whole group
  2. Or facilitating small study groups
  3. This resource creates engaging lessons steeped interesting wildlife facts!

What’s more? It can also double up as an enriching homework assignment that keeps students curious outside classroom hours too!

Keep it simple yet effective with this product;
Bringing together modern technology through Google Slides and conventional zoological science education in one potent package.

What's Included

Google Slides for the activities.

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