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Personal Narrative: Writers' Workshop (Based on Lucy Caulkins

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

The Personal Narrative: Writers' Workshop

This stellar teaching resource is designed to enrich the writing skills of students from Grade 1 to Grade 5. The tool features a wide-ranging PowerPoint with 158 slides, providing an intricate structure for constructing excellent personal narratives, based on the highly regarded Lucy Caulkins model.

Features of Writer's Workshop Structure

  • EQ/Learning Goals: These furnish learners with well-defined aims and expectations for each session.

  • Strategies Checklist/Anchor Chart: This perceptible tool aids students in visualizing and retaining core principles throughout their writing journey.

  • Mentoring Texts: Each slide includes authentic examples that students can understand and reproduce in their texts.

  • I Do/We Do /YOU Do Lesson Format: This technique provides direct instruction, guided practice, and independent practice to ensure effective learning of every strategy before independent application.

  • Mentor Writings: Example texts written by our proficient teachers demonstrate methods in real-time while offering readily implementable tips directly applicable in students' drafts.

In addition to these practical tools along your student's creative journey, there is a Reflection/Exit Ticket slide section implemented as a review checkpoint after every session. It reassures if learning objectives were achieved or not thereby boosting learner reflections during their review process– eventually setting up your student one step closer towards perfection after each class!

In conclusion using this PowerPoint presentation-based curriculum enhancement tool you will steadily walk your students through all stages of writing – starting from pre-writing, drafting, revising till editing smoothly making them ready as well-articulated authors just right for publication! The Personal Narrative: Writers' Workshop - a potent Language Arts Resource emphasizing chiefly on Writing improving narratives extensively while combining clear understanding with fun learning!

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