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PERSPECTIVE TAKING Making Social Predictions,

PERSPECTIVE TAKING Making Social Predictions,
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About This Product

Perspective Taking Making Social Predictions: A Comprehensive Learning Resource

The Perspective Taking Making Social Predictions product is an integral tool for educators seeking to promote the development of informed decision-making skills. This resource can serve as both a valuable group activity set and can be delegated as homework assignments, making it a versatile element in expanding life skills for students.

What should pique any educator's interest about this teaching aid is that these scenario cards are devised to provide practice in perspective taking which encourages students to take a step back, consider provided information, and work towards contributing 'Good Guesses'. These activities aim at nurturing conscientious thinkers instead of impulsive decision-makers by hi-lighting the potential repercussions of 'Goofy Guesses.'

Tailored For Different Age Groups:

Catering inclusively from Kindergarten through Grade 5, learning progress is maximized with two age-modulated sets of visually enriched materials. For young learners in grades K-2, the material introduces visuals for 'Guess,' 'Good Guess,' and 'Goofy Guess' while an adjusted set is also incorporated for older children spanning grade 3-5.

Making Engaging Educational Activities Effortless:

  1. Activity 1:The first activity includes clear instructions aiming younger (K-2) and older (3-5) groups separately interspersed with Scenario Cards designed specifically around making good or goofy guesses.
  2. Activity 2:Moving beyond Activity 1 lies another beauty; Activity 2 - fit with alternative suggestions again catering to different age groups through precise instruction delivery along with twenty distinct scenario cards guaranteeing extensive engagement.

Versatility In Education:

What truly makes it shine above conventional teaching resources – its adaptability! It comes equipped with editable versions extending customizable options not just constrained within activities but also within charts uniquely crafted to help track progress!

Digital Friendly Resource:

Recognizing the ever-rising digitized world we live in today; this magnitude of Perspective Taking Making Social Predictions’ content comes conveniently organized into easily accessible PDF files – making it a wonderful add-on toolset whether you operate in public schools or manage homeschooling. This truly emphasizes its core goal; encouraging better articulation of perspectives, enhancing life skills, making informed decisions one good guess at a time!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 58 Pages

> Visuals

Suggestions For Use~Visuals

Visuals For "Guess" "Good Guess" and "Goofy Guess" For K-2nd Grade

Visuals For "Guess" "Good Guess" and "Goofy Guess" For 3rd-5th Grade

Diagram of a Good Guess {one for k-2nd, one for 3rd-5th}

> Activity 1

Directions For Activity 1 For 3rd-5th Graders

Alternative Suggestion for Activity 1

15 "Good Guess" Scenario Cards

15 "Goofy Guesses" Scenario Cards

10 "Good Guess" Scenario Cards

10 "Goofy Guesses" Scenario Cards


Activity Charts, (1 For Older, 1 For Younger, 1 EDITABLE)

> Activity 2

Directions For Activity 2 {with alternative suggestions}

20 Scenario Cards For Activity 2

Activity 2 Activity Charts {1 For Older, 1 For Younger, 1 EDITABLE}

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