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The Famous Cousin From The Country: Learn ou That Sounds Like u

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About This Product

The Famous Cousin From The Country: Learn ou That Sounds Like u

An essential teaching resource targeted at educators in public schools and for those homeschooling. Aiding children from 4 years old to enhance their language skills by learning the phonic sound 'ou' in a fun manner.

Key Aspects:
  • Primarily focused on early learners, yet also excellent for reluctant readers aged seven years and upwards
  • Particularly effective when used one-on-one or within small groups.
  • Ideally structured course that integrates 44 phonic sounds into the text representing around 80% of words in English.
Main Features:
  • Presents stories like "The Bouncing Castle" and "The Famous Cousin From The Country"

Course structure:
  • Sounds are divided into syllables (e.g., pl ay ing), helping children quick progress with phonics.

The Practice Pages

This section encourages active learning by matching words to pictures/ phrases – Strengthening memory retention. Simple texts with lively color-in sketches promote reading fluency through consistent practice.

No specific order is required for teaching packs, but starting with initial sound packs proves beneficial before advancing to short, middle, and complex sounds.

The Teaching Pack

Including "The Famous Cousin From The Country: Learn ou That Sounds Like u" introduces a new sound inclusion in child’s vocabulary repeatedly revisited within stories or sentences followed by pictorially represented word & phrasal matches ensuring deep comprehension. Suitable for early learners from kindergarten up to grade one exploring the Language Arts under Phonics. This resource specifically includes ready-to-use worksheets, spanning across 26 pages of creative literature learning!

What's Included

26 pages

Resource Tags

teaching resource phonics learning language skills reading fluency vocabulary expansion six sounds of ou cousin itt sounds

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