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Phonics CVC Words Flashcard F, FF, L, LL, SS

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About This Product

Phonics CVC Words Flashcard F, FF, L, LL, SS: An Effective Teaching Tool

This educational resource is designed for teachers looking to enhance their phonics and literacy lessons. Concentrating on the sounds of Level 1 or Phase 2 CVC words in lowercase letters - 'f', 'ff', 'l', 'll', and 'ss' - it aids students in developing sound recognition skills, honing pencil skills and learning correct letter formation.

Comprehensive Sets

  • Clip Art Set
  • Word Set
  • Reading Set
  • Writing Set

The flashcards can be applied in a multitude of ways: whole group scenarios or small-group settings. They can serve as a matching exercise between clip arts and the word set or used for practicing reading individually or within a group setting.


Educators can assign these as part of homework assignments where students practice spelling independently at home.

Durability:: After printing out the desired sets you wish to use along with optional cutting & laminating for extended longevity. 'Write-and-Wipe': After laminating these cards exhibit characteristics of ‘write-and-wipe’ cards providing an interactive platform where students may practice their writing skills.
Aimed at Various Age Groups:This tool is particularly useful not only for Early Learning age groups through grade one focusing on Phonics but also homeschoolers targeting literacy goals with writing exercises coupled with vocabulary building puzzles pieces.

Potential Implementation: These flashcards can be seamlessly integrated into existing lesson plans and also be used like traditional flashcards promoting self-learning

Whether you're working toward improving reading abilities in your class or concentrating on spelling competence, the Phonics CVC Words Flashcard F, FF, L, LL, SS is an effective teaching tool.

What's Included

About this product

This product contains 4 sets of flashcards for CVC words, clip art set, word set, reading set, and writing set. Each set has 30 CVC words with the following focus sounds: f ff l ll ss

The CVC words for these focus sounds are as following:

lid, fig, lip, log, leg, fan, puffin, fit, lick, fog, lock, moss, muffin, fin, ball, puff, coffin, fat, cuff, huff, bell, ill, doll, kiss, hill, pill, toss, hiss, pass, mess.

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