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Phonics CVC Words Flashcard BL, BR, CL, CR, DR

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About This Product

Phonics CVC Words Flashcard BL-BR-CL-CR-DR

This is a valuable teaching resource perfect for educators in both public schools and homeschooling settings. Ideal for young learners, these flashcards focus on phonetics phase-4 sounds in lowercase letters, aiding students to develop sound recognition skills. In addition, they can improve their pencil control and correct letter formation abilities while advancing their encoding and decoding skills.

Included Sets

  • Clip Art Set
  • Word Set
  • Reading Set
  • Writing Set

The packet contains four different sets of flashcards focusing on phase 4 words with the primary sounds being bl br cl cr dr.. Each set includes 55 words ensuring learners get sufficient practice opportunities with examples like bleed, black blob blanket etc., for 'bl', brush bran bright for 'br' etc.

Preparation & Usage:
Note: Print the desired sets, cut them out and laminate them for long-term reuse!

You can use these flashcards in many ways such as matching between clip arts & word sets or encouraging students to read these cards individually or in groups fostering active participation among them. Incorporating writing practice sessions alongside enhances learners' spellings & vocabulary exponentially.

Catered Level :

The Phonics CVC Words Flashcard BL-BR-CL-CR-DR well suits Kindergarten up through Grade 2 students concentrating on Language Arts subjects specifically Phonics sub-subjects enhancing reading/writing/ spelling skills significantly.

Aids learning at Literacy centers:

Versatility is this resource's strong suit. Once laminated, these flashcards can serve as excellent 'write and wipe' cards providing multiple practice opportunities turning learning into an engaging multi-sensory experience. Procure the Phonics CVC Words Flashcard BL-BR-CL-CR-DR for your students today to witness healthier progress in their literacy journey!

What's Included

About this product

This product contains 4 sets of flashcards for phase 4 words, clip art set, word set, reading set, and writing set. Each set has 55 words with the following focus sounds:

bl br cl cr dr

The CVC words for these focus sounds are as following:

bleed, black, blob, blanket, blender, blink, block, bloom, blast, blank, broth, brick, brain, brim, brown, brother, branch, broom, brush, bran, bright, braid, claim, clam, clamp, clock, clash, class, click, clip, cliff, club, clown, claw, cross, creek, cricket, crash, crib, cress, crush, crown, crack, crab, dress, drip, dragon, drum, drill, drug, drink, drop, drag, drain, droop.

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