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Phonics Igloo Letter Matching Activity

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1





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About This Product

Phonics Igloo Letter Matching Activity - An Innovative Learning Tool

  • Target Audience: Kindergarten to Grade 1 students.
  • Purpose: Enhance learning around phonics, CVC words and the encoding and decoding of alphabets.
  • Aids Development of: Letter recognition, reading abilities, and listening skills.

Main Features

The key features include:

  • Ten comprehensive pages with activities centering on specific letters or sounds (s,a,t,p,i,n).
  • - Game mats with an Antarctic setting create a fun-filled interactive learning environment.
    - The mats pair targeted letter counters with images related to igloos & penguins to captivate children's imagination while reinforcing foundational reading skills.
  • Included calling cards containing instructions along with specific CVC words and core phonics sounds - satpin letters – that encourage active participation from all learners irrespective of their individual learning styles.
Note: This product emphasizes both auditory stimuli & visual cues stimulating holistic brain development.

Versatility & Ease-of-use

The Phonics Igloo Letter Matching Activity can be used flexibly depending on the teaching strategy. It works well for both group-wise or individual-focused tasks. To prepare the material simply print out as many pages as needed, then cut-out & laminate each mat counter set along with corresponding calling cards for continued reuse. This not only provides convenience but also ensures durability over time.

Please Note: This product is part of our larger offering—100+ Phonics Exercise Sheets (p,i,n)—which caters toward a wider curriculum coverage. If this bundle has been previously purchased, requisite advantages of this standalone product may not be fully realized.


In essence, Phonics Igloo Letter Matching Activity redefines traditional literacy practices by synergistically combining fun with cognitive development to foster a strong foundation for early readers in an engaging manner.

What's Included

About this product

This product contains 10 pages of mats, counters, and calling cards (with instruction sheet) focusing on letter s, a, t, p, i, n and CVC words from these letters. The sheets are as following:

1. 1 page with instructions

2. 4 pages of penguin and igloo counters (satpin letters only)

3. 2 pages of Antarctica mats

4. 3 pages of callings (cvc words and satpin letters)

Resource Tags

phonics letter matching CVC words reading skills phonological awareness

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