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Photosynthesis Explained With Two Animated Investigations

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Three fully resourced lessons on photosynthesis.

> Photosynthesis facts

> Virtual investigation 1 – does light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis

> Virtual investigation 2 – testing a leaf for starch 

> The virtual investigations take the student through prediction, planning drawing a graph and conclusion. They can be used as instructions for the student to follow to perform their own experiment or the scientifically accurate animations themselves can be used to obtain results.


What’s Covered

> Function of the leaf is photosynthesis.

> Role of played by xylem, phloem, guard cells, stomata and chloroplasts in photosynthesis.

> Graphing rate of photosynthesis against, carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity and temperature.

> Word equations for photosynthesis and respiration.

> Comparison of photosynthesis and respiration.

> Paraffin heaters as sources of carbon dioxide in greenhouses.

> Use of glucose in plants.

> Gas exchange in plants at different times of day.

> Testing a leaf for starch – investigation.

> Effect of light intensity on rate of photosynthesis – investigation.



What’s Included

> Animated PowerPoint for teaching with exit ticket quiz + 2 virtual investigations

> Answer/mark scheme PowerPoint

> Flip it (pupil writes questions to given answers)

> Anticipation Guides(combined starter and plenary)

> 2 Foldables (students use to make their own notes)

> 2 Cut-and-stick activities pupil uses to make their own notes)

> 3 Worksheets to support the PowerPoint

> Fact sheet

> Homework

> Fact share worksheet

> 12 Taboo cards

> Pupil progress self-assessment checklist

> Exit Ticket

> Suggested lesson plan showing choices possible between resources


This pack contains 19 printables and it is intended that the teacher uses them to build their own unique lesson to take account of student ability and time available. Literacy, oracy, self-assessment and peer assessment are all built in to the resources. These features are clearly marked on the comprehensive one-page flow chart lesson plan which shows where the logical choices between resources can be made.


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Experiment to find how light affects the rate of photosynthesis Experiment to test a leaf for starch Comparing photosynthesis and respiration How plants use glucose xylem phloem guard cells stomatachloroplasts

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