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Place Value Task Cards

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Place Value


Grade 4



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About This Product

Place Value Task Cards for Grade 4 These 30 printable place value task cards help 4th graders practice identifying the value of underlined 4- to 7-digit numbers. With two numbered task cards per page, this set works well for math centers or partner activities. The accompanying answer key follows each task card to enable easy back-to-back printing. To prevent students from seeing the answers prematurely, print the pages separately and stack the answer cards for later correction. For repeated use, print on cardstock and laminate. Students can use dry erase markers to show work directly on the cards. With focused place value practice, these task cards build number sense and math fluency. Use them in small groups, for independent work, or as a quick formative assessment. Adjust the card range to suit your students' needs.

What's Included

1 PDF with 30 usable pages

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