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Plan And Write A Story Called 'The Bullies’ (age 9-12 years)

An educational teaching resource from Guinea Pig Education entitled Plan And Write A Story Called 'The Bullies’ (age 9-12 years) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Plan And Write A Story Called 'The Bullies' – A Comprehensive Writing Guide

An ideal teaching resource for young writers aged between 9-12 years. usable for classroom discussions, group brainstorming sessions, and individual writing assignments at home.

This pack encloses:
  • 'The White Fox'
  • 'The Creepy Tale'
  • 'The Rescue'

Each of the above sets is meticulously curated to handhold budding writers, enriched with step-by-step guidance on story planning and creative writing. They aim to enhance students’ comprehension that comprehensive pre-writing planning evolves stories from mere ideas into engaging content.

A Useful Educational Tool: Includes Model Stories

The teacher can initiate the lesson by reading the model story from each set followed by guiding the students in identifying key elements like character names, setting details, and plot twists. This practice aids in crafting suspense-filled climaxes and satisfying resolutions.

Suitable For: Grade 3 - Grade 7 | Language Arts & Creative Writing Study Areas

This compilation targets not just at boosting literacy skills but also at enhancing performance in English assignments or assessments. Includes helpful worksheets instructing students on how to structure ideas into organized paragraphs supplemented with compelling character introductions an engaging storyline development.

Improves Writing Proficiency By:
  1. Focusing on sentence variance use of punctuation
  2. Inculcating grammatically accurate language usage
  3. Tailoring narrative style between first/third person
  4. Promoting rich vocabulary utilization giving rise to immersive storytelling

Incorporates Sample Answers Written By Peers & Text Examples:

A step towards learning through practice tests, student-written model answers offer insightful understanding about self-assessment capabilities. It helps in fine-tuning creativity by making revisions based on identified errors followed by re-drafting improved versions.

Final take: an invaluable teaching aid for all aspiring young writers in an integrated English classroom setting or even as a handy homework companion. Available in easy-to-access PDF format!

What's Included

21 pages

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